St. Patty’s Day


Today I decided to go run, an actual run, not the 1-2 miles I’ve been doing recently.  Can I just say, rebuilding stamina and endurance blows.  Rehabbing from injuries and trying to run pain free is even worse.  A little bitter?  Trying not to be.  Poor sport at times, you betcha!  I love where I was and not being there pains me, all the puns intended.  However, hopefully I will be even stronger and better this year because I’m smarter.  :o)  Ended up eating shit, almost ate bird poop, luckily I missed pigeon crap on the sidewalk and only tore my pants and glove.  Weirdly, this makes me happy.  As I mentioned before, I’m clumsy and this proves it.  I swear, I’m waiting for the day when sidewalks will stop moving on me.  Despite the scrape, I still kept going and managed 6.35 miles in 59.52 minutes.  This makes me happy, I feel like skipping.  If this can be my time while running, walking, stopping for red lights and falling then I think I’m well on my way to a great year.


Finally gave in to trying dates on my run… YUM!  So much better than gels.  Plus side, I didn’t have nasty cotton mouth (c’mon, you all know what I’m talking about if you’ve had a gross gel on the go) and didn’t have to wash it down.  Nom, nom, nom.  This will be tradition.  What prompted this you may ask?

The site above did.  I had to giggle and nod at most of this.   


#4. Drink weird ass smoothies.  Yes.  Please give me more.  I love smoothies.  The weirder the better.  Kale, collards, banana, pomegranates, Vega One, beets, almonds, cashews and pecans…. Delicious! 

Being a vegan athlete makes me even more weird than the Average Joe I do believe.  Must. Try. Every. New. Trend.  Brendan Brazier inspired me nutritionally.  I ❤ him.  He’s one of my role models and I would love to meet him in order to thank him for that (I might also try to take him home, please don’t warn him).  If you don’t know who he is, google him then buy his books and Vega line.


Off to eat dinner.  Toodaloo!