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What is a life?  Is it the sum of the choices one makes?  The goals, dreams and visions we set forth?  The people who we interact with on a daily basis or those strangers who merely pass by as we go on about our business?  Is it the successes that are measurable and attainable?  Or the small moments that we are often times too busy to see?

Who is to say what truly comprises a life; I believe it may be the sum of all these parts that are important factors in living life.   Welcome to my life, my journey through health, fitness and love, where I have learned not only who I am but, who I am still yet to become.

The name is Stacey.  I’m a 27 year old vegan runner and triathlete (can I say that even if I’ve only done one?  Aspiring, perhaps that’s better).  Planning on finishing the Master Nutrition Therapist program at The Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO and possibly become certified as a personal trainer (once I get my act together).  I love health, eating and helping others.

Not only do I love my health and fitness but I also love animals, particularly my cats.  They are the loves of my life, my “children” and mean the absolute world to me.  I would have gone through hell and back to make sure that they are safe.  Here are my loves: Gouda, Martini & Itty Bitty.

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